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Advantage of being accredited

Accreditation is a means of determining the technical competence of testing, calibration and medical laboratories to perform specific types of testing, measurement and calibration. It provides formal recognition that laboratories are competent, impartial and independent, therefore providing a ready means for customers to identify and select reliable testing, measurement and calibration services that are able to meet their needs. To maintain this recognition, laboratories are re-evaluated regularly by a recognised accreditation body to ensure their continued
comp iance with requirements, and to check that their standard of operation is being maintained.
The laboratory is also required to participate in relevant proficiency testing programs between reassessments, as a further demonstration of technical competence.
Accredited laboratories usually issue test or calibration reports bearing the accreditation body’s symbol or endorsement, as an indication of their accreditation. Clients are encouraged to check with the laboratory as to what specific tests or measurements they are accredited for, and for what ranges or uncertainties. This information is specified in the laboratory’s scope of accreditation,
issued by the accreditation body, which provides the customers seeking laboratory services with clear information about the range of testing or calibration services that the laboratory can provide under accreditation.

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